Coffee Service

The region's most complete coffee service is available to you.

Joe Ragan's Coffee starts with the best, and then gets better.

Arabica beans, grown in the mountains of Colombia, are considered the best in the world. At these elevations the air is always moist, the temperatures perpetually mild. The result: the richest coffee in the world. Joe Ragan’s hand-selects only the finest Arabica beans available. We take only the best of the best, and roast them to our own secret recipe.
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Joe Ragan’s can furnish you basic, state-of-the-art drip coffee machines complete with all the features you need. Or try one of our thermal carafes that keep the high quality of the coffee fresh for up to 6 full hours.

You can even get a single-cup gourmet brewer for delicious brewed espresso, mocchachino and regular or decaffeinated coffee that tastes as good as what you'd drink in the finest restaurants. The cost to you will be just pennies, not dollars, per cup.

Joe Ragan’s offers the newest, computer-controlled brewing equipment available in the entire industry. This technology extracts the best flavor from the beans and brews coffee at a higher and more consistent temperature giving you gourmet coffee right in your office, anytime you want it.

All our coffee equipment including the single-cup brewers and automatic drip machines are individually tested in our own facilities.